ما يرد في هذه المدونة من معلومات وأخبار خاصة هي ملك للجميع ومن حق أي شخص نقلها، وإن تفضل وأشار إلى المصدر فهذا فضلاً منه


Backbreaking Work Without A Day Off

DT: Several workers were allegedly made to work over 12 hours a day for the last few months without a day off.

Initially these workers did not complain as they somehow managed to cope with the workload. However, after months without a break, it has begun taking a toll on their bodies, a worker said.

When they approached the agency that sent them here, they were told that the signed contracts stated that the men will have to work for their stipulated contract period without any holiday.

The labourers who are from an Asian country, said that they were unaware of this clause when they signed the contract.

Some of the workers claimed that they got only four or five hours of sleep a day.

Work takes up to 14 hours a day, including 12 actual hours at work. Then about three hours are spent bathing, cooking and washing clothes. This leaves us with hardly six hours for sleep before we get up the next day for work,” he explained.

They have not approached the Ministry of Labour, for fear of losing their jobs, if their employers found out that they went to complain.

I paid money to get this job and if I lose it then I won’t be able to recover even that money,” one of the labourers said. However, they have informed their embassy about the issue and asked for help.

When DT contacted the embassy, an official said that they have taken note of the complaints and started an investigation.

We asked the recruitment agency to send us the contracts which were signed by the workers. Once we receive it, we will raise the matter with the authorities concerned in the Kingdom. We want to verify whether the contracts are in line with the Labour Laws of Bahrain,” he explained.

The embassy was informed about the case just two day ago. They are expecting to receive a reply from the recruitment agencies soon.

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