ما يرد في هذه المدونة من معلومات وأخبار خاصة هي ملك للجميع ومن حق أي شخص نقلها، وإن تفضل وأشار إلى المصدر فهذا فضلاً منه


Waiting for wages

GDN: AROUND 250 workers of a contracting company claim they have not received their wages for three months. Al Hamad Contracting Company workers from Rajasthan, India, also claim they can't afford to even buy food.

They told the GDN yesterday that they had been gathering near the company entrance to speak to the management, but to no result.

The masons claimed 10 of them were suffering from serious illnesses and unable to go to hospital as they had no money. They said they had not been contacted or visited by their employer.

However, the company said it had informed authorities that it would resolve the matter, adding wages were due for two months only and they will be paid in the first week of June.

The workers, who earn BD120 per month, said they were running out of food at their accommodation, but the company dismissed the claim saying it provided food and sweet water.

The men demonstrated outside their accommodation in Askar yesterday, demanding wages.

"We haven't received wages for three months and the management is not willing to talk to us," said one worker. "Whenever we approach them, the guard prevents us from entering the offices and speaking to the manager. We have no money to buy food, it's difficult to survive, as we haven't left the accommodation.

"We have not gone for work and sent no money home. Many of us are waiting to see their families, but can't travel as the company is not providing air tickets. Three of my colleagues were planning to get married last month, but had to tell their families to postpone the marriage.


"Our families are also worried and we don't have enough facility to call and tell them about our situation. We told the management several times that we want to go back if they can't pay, but no-one cared."

He said some of his colleagues were seriously ill. "I think they are suffering from tuberculosis as they are always coughing and spitting blood, but have no funds to go to a doctor." He claimed the company was not providing food and transport.

"There is also so much of rubbish near our accommodation and the foul smell is unbearable. No-one is coming to clean the mess, it has been there for several days."

The workers said they had been pooling their resources for three months and managing with whatever little food they could get. "We went to the Labour Ministry five times, the last being in April, but they haven't responded. We also went to the embassy six times, but no-one took any action."

Company human resources manager Jameel Al Qahery said the company would pay them in the first week of June and send them home in groups. "They have not been paid for April and May only. They are also insisting on going home and we have agreed. The embassy knows about it.

"We are providing them with food and sweet water. If anybody has doubts, they can come and see me, and I can show them the monthly bills.

"There is rubbish behind the labour camp, but municipality people are cleaning it everyday. Around 2,000 workers are living in the camp and only 200 have issues!

"I have told them I would pay their dues and indemnity, but I can't send them together, I have to arrange for their tickets.

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