ما يرد في هذه المدونة من معلومات وأخبار خاصة هي ملك للجميع ومن حق أي شخص نقلها، وإن تفضل وأشار إلى المصدر فهذا فضلاً منه


Workers protest for eight hours

DT:Nearly 1,500 workers at a Bahrain construction company yesterday stopped work for around eight hours in protest against physical abuse by the management.

Two workers, an Indian and Pakistani, were allegedly beaten up with an iron rod by one of the top officials of the Down Town Construction Company on Tuesday night.

The reason: they reported late to the official’s house to do some work for him. They were delayed because of a few work-related errands.

The workers, who stay in two camps in Bokhowa and Salmabad, said the official used to frequently abuse workers. They added that he used to spit on them to humiliate them as well.

Company officials refused to comment. They only said that the issue had been resolved. The Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi men were supposed to report for work at 5am.

However, they instead decided to ask the management for an explanation as well as for an increase in basic salary.

They decided to return to work at around 1.30pm after the company agreed to their demands.

“We have not come to this place, leaving our families behind, to be beaten and abused,” he added. “We have come to earn a decent living by working hard. God has given us a mouth to talk and any differences must be discussed instead of using the hand,” said a worker.

Another worker said that company officials had approached them to quit protesting and get back at work.

“We wanted to be assured that no other employee would face a similar situation again,” he said.

The men submitted a complaint letter to the management in which they also demanded a hike in basic salary.

“We wanted a raise in basic salary and they have agreed to it,” said a worker. “Salary of a labourer must be increased from BD55 to BD65, tradesman – BD65 to BD80 and driver – BD80 to BD120.”

“They should also allow workers to go on vacation at least once in two years. Also it is a usual practice to deduct salaries from workers if something goes wrong with the vehicles or equipment. This should also stop,” the worker added.

DT was requested not to take any pictures of the workers on strike or the labour camp for fear of being deported by the company.

“Several times in the past, there have been major and minor protests in this company which have been covered by newspapers,” said a worker.

“Workers who appeared in published pictures were deported,” said one worker.
The Interior Ministry confirmed that seven workers who were taken into custody yesterday for gathering had been released later in the day.

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غير معرف يقول...

Bahrain's pro-democracy movement needs to show solidarity with migrant worker's and add their rights to the pro-democracy agenda.

We should all push our political societies to adopt this as well.