ما يرد في هذه المدونة من معلومات وأخبار خاصة هي ملك للجميع ومن حق أي شخص نقلها، وإن تفضل وأشار إلى المصدر فهذا فضلاً منه


Slogging Away Without A Holiday

DT: A group of workers are allegedly being forced to work 12 hours a day without holidays.

They want to come forward to highlight their case to authorities but are afraid that by doing so they would lose their jobs.

“We have seen in other companies that the people who complain against their employers are most likely to lose their jobs,” a worker explained to DT.

The men stated that they did not mind working hard for 12 hours or more a day. But having to work without a holiday was tiring and taking a toll on their health, they said.

DT had reported earlier this month that a number of workers had complained that they were being made to work continuously without a weekly holiday.

Their recruiters when contacted by an Asian embassy, had stated that the labourers had signed contracts that stated there would be no holidays during their contract period.

But on obtaining the contracts it is found that there is no mention of this stipulation. The agency now claims that it was a verbal agreement.

The workers have approached their respective embassies, which said that they will raise the issue with the Ministry of Labour.

“The workers do not want to come forward and put anything down in writing. They are afraid that they will lose their jobs. We are trying to figure out how to present it to the Ministry,” an embassy official said on condition of anonymity.

The ministry requires written complaints from employees in order to act upon a grievance. But no employee is willing to come forward.

When the workers were asked how their claims that they did not get weekly holidays could be proved, they said that the authorities concerned could look in the payroll of the company and also time cards.

The officials can also visit their camp on a Friday, they added.

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